Blue Velvet Creme Moisturizer

a cushiony, velvet soft cream to soothe, calm, and hydrate stressed, tired or angry skin. Refreshing, comforting blue tansy based cream, enriched with vitamin rich mango, papaya, açaí and humectant, reparative sugar cane. 

Blue tansy, otherwise known as Moroccan chamomile and German blue chamomile, both in the same family get their royal blue color comes from the steam distillation process, and is completely natural. Blue tansy has a subtle, sweet herbal scent that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s potent antioxidants and ability to calm and deeply hydrate dry, sensitive, delicate or angry skin are what make it such a stellar ingredient. It’s cooling, calming, and highly moisturizing properties make it an excellent front line against signs of aging, especially on fragile skin. 

Mango butter deeply hydrates and protects skin, rich with essential fatty acids 

Mango extract strengthens and protects with potent antioxidants 

Gentle CO2 extracted papaya provides the antioxidant benefits, without any intense AHAs 

Sugar cane extract is incredibly humectant, reparative and can bind moisture to the skin. Gently resurfaces with natural AHAs, in a way suitable for sensitive skin. Penetrates deeply for glowing happy skin. 

Açaí one of the most powerful antioxidants on the earth, repairs dry skin. Nourishes skin with vitamins A, B, C, and E, and a plethora of naturally occurring minerals. 

Ingredients: Distilled water, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, açaí extract, polawax ( vegetable basedemulsifying wax), mango butter, sugar cane extract, blue tansy oil, mango extract, papaya extract, cetyl alcohol (vegetable based), leucidal liquid (natural preservative)