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Get this powerful trifecta and say goodbye to stubborn ingrown hair-bumps, boils, blackheads, scarring, or any other bikini and tush acne issues.

Happy Girl’s Vagina “Facial” Bundle Includes:

  • Vadge Hair Bump Serum: The first ever plant-based hair bump serum making it safe for girl parts.

  • The Vadge Mask: Yep! The most powerful hair bump eliminator. It’s filled with all the right and safe stuff to deal with a recurring hair bump issue once and for all.

  • Exfoliating Bar: This is just a must have, period.

Exfoliating Bar is For External Use Only.

Directions: Apply mask liberally to outside the vaginal area and along the bikini line. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry. Rinse and wash area with an all-natural soap to ensure all residue from mask is gone. Follow with Happy Girl’s Vadge Hair-Bump Serum. Can apply mask to other parts of the body including the face. EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Do not apply within 1-3 days after shaving or waxing. Do not use Exfoliating Bar the same day that you use the mask.




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