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XL Exfoliating Body Washcloth - Blush

XL Exfoliating Body Washcloth - Blush

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  • Try out our eco-friendly loofah body scrubber if you're tired of the same old bath loofahs. It features an innovative pocket design that allows you to use your favorite body wash bar, so it's like having two in one!
  • Give your skin the best treatment possible with our exfoliating washcloth. The rough texture will remove dead cells and stimulate blood circulation, which results in a more youthful complexion! Say yes to smoother skin by making this chic addition to your shower routine


Measuring 36" x 12" in size, the extra-long construction of Kitsch’s Consciously Created XL Exfoliating Body Washcloth is designed to scrub hard-to-reach areas with ease – including your back! The convenient long length and mesh material lets you easily massage the skin, gliding over the contours of your body while you’re showering. Providing a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home, it’s the perfect way to thoroughly exfoliate while still being gentle on your skin.
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